Rolling Jackass centerstands are currently fabricated in a small machine & fabrication shop in Seattle run by Haulin' Colin. They are the sturdiest, most convenient longtail cargo bike centerstands available. 

-Compatible with all Xtracycle and Big Dummy cargo bikes
-Reliably holds payloads of up to 300 lbs
-Stand can easily be deployed without dismounting from the bike
-Bike can easily be rolled off the stand while standing over it, ready to ride
-Installation is simple and easy
-Powdercoated chromoly stand, aluminum base, and all stainless steel hardware for strength and durability
-Lube port for convenient long term maintenance
-Over center design allows bike to be picked up, moved, or inverted while the stand remains in place.
-Adjustable leg length and oversize feet for adaptability and stability on a variety of surfaces.
-13 1/2" - 14 1/2" wide stance for security and safety
-Compatible with all Xtracycle accessories (except the Kickback).