Rolling Jackass Installation Instructions

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Use Instructions & Tips

When placing the bike on the stand, first pull the lever all the way to the handlebar, then pull back on the bar while lifting. If there is a particularly heavy load on the bike, it may be best to actually lift the front wheel off the ground while pulling back, to allow the stand to support the bike without having to lift the loaded rear wheel.

To take the bike off the stand, push forward. In some cases, slippery ground surfaces may not allow the stand to grip. It may then be necessary to actually dismount and put a foot behind the stand to allow it to deploy.

If you are stopping on a slope, be sure to point the front of the bike up the slope. This keeps the bike upright, and insures that the slope will not roll the bike off the stand. Do not attempt to set the bike on the stand on a sidehill. This will not only place excessive stress on the stand when only one leg contacts the ground, but the bike will be unstable on a sidehill even if the stand can be successfully set.

When the bike is on the stand, it is a good idea to lock at least one brake. Wrapping a toe clip strap or similar device around the brake lever will do this quite well. Normally, the front wheel will be on the ground, and it will be sufficient to lock the front brake. If the bike is heavily loaded, however, the front wheel may lift off the ground, and locking the rear brake will be more effective.

In addition to allowing you to get on and off the bike while it is perfectly stable and holding up even extreme loads, the stand will also allow you to do routine maintenance on your drive train and rear wheel without a repair stand. If the rear end of the bike is weighted so that the rear wheel rests on the ground, front wheel maintenance can be done, too. The stand will also support the bike while using bike blenders, electric generators, or other rear wheel driven appliances, though it may be worthwhile to lengthen the stand legs a bit for extended use of this type, for better ground clearance.

There is a lube port in the center of the main pivot of the stand which will allow you to inject grease if the stand should ever become stiff or squeaky in use. The stand has been thoroughly lubricated before shipping, so this should not be necessary for quite some time.

Warranty: This stand is warranteed to be free from defects in manufacturing for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage from misuse, crashing or modification. If any problems are encountered, please E-mail me. Have fun and ride safe!

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